New Videos Added to Certified Horsemanship Association Equine Video Collection

(January 2022)  The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) has six new Equine Safety Short videos. These free resources are great for all ages and experience level to watch and expand their knowledge and while keeping a focus on safety. Viewers can watch all the videos, which cover a variety of topics and range from three to 15 minutes in length by clicking on the links below.

The newest additions cover the following topics:

Past topics covered include Sample Lesson: First Trot and First Canter, the Horse Digestive Track, Lengthening and Shortening Horse’s Strides, Truck and Trailer Safety Check,  Showmanship Tips, How to Pony a Horse Safely, How to Fit a Rope Halter, and much more.

CHA encourages the horse industry and the public to use these free videos and to embed them on their websites for their clients. CHA’s videos are created with the goals of helping to spread the CHA’s mission of safe, effective, and fun horsemanship.

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