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CHA Educational Horsemanship Webinars

CHA produces webinars (online workshops and presentations) on a quarterly basis. Below, you’ll find the next / upcoming webinar clearly indicated. The additional webinars are available for purchase, through the CHA Store, in our online archive. To purchase, click on the cart symbol at the bottom of the an info box.

Webinars & Hosts

EQUINE AND DISASTER PLANNING - Live September 30th at Noon Eastern Time with Jim Boller

Helping Timid Riders Achieve Their Horsemanship Goals with Julie Goodnight


Owner/Founder of GMD Training

Horse and Herd Management with Christy Landwehr

- Chief Executive Officer for Certified Horsemanship Association

Exercises, Patterns and Drills for All Levels with Julie Goodnight

Different exercises, patterns and drills to do with your horse no matter what level you ride; English or Western; arena or trail. For the rider or the riding instructor. 1 1/2 hours long.

Teaching Techniques for Riding Instructors with Christy Landwehr

- Chief Executive Officer for Certified Horsemanship Association

Horses and Hormones: What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause with Dr. Teresa Knight

- Chief Medical Officer for Women's Health Specialists of Saint Louis

Equine Behavior with Julie Goodnight

Risk Management in a Horsemanship Program Jill Montgomery

- CHA Certified Instructor, Site Visitor, EFM Clinician and Regional Director

Pasture and Manure Management with Lynn Bliven

Equine Educational Opportunities at Colleges and Universities with Bob Coleman & Amanda Love

The Unwanted Horse Issue and How We Can Help with Jill Montgomery

- CHA Certified Instructor, Site Visitor, EFM Clinician and Regional Director

The 4 Pillars of Small Business Success with Ryan Dohrn

You will learn how to clearly define your product to the public. How to create a marketing and sales process. How to set goals for yourself and your team. And, how to be sure that your price structure makes sense.

Marketing that Works! with Jordan Manfredi

- President of Big Red Advisory Group

Nine Things the IRS Looks for in Your Horse Business with Victoria Long, CPA

Test Before You Treat - The Right Way to Deworm Your Horse with Tim Davis

FREE Member Webinars

Equine Assisted Learning and Working with At Risk Youth in a Riding Program with Bonnie Riley and Christy Landwehr

Insurance for the Private Horse Owner & the Equine Professional with Diane Lesher

President, Equisure, Inc.

Horse Trauma and PTSD with Nina Ekholm Fry

Denver University

How to Use CHA in Your Program and Understanding Employee vs. Contractor with Margrit Parker

Equine Lawyer

Equine Attorney Margrit Lent Parker discusses reopening your camps, lessons, etc. with Margrit Parker

Equine Lawyer

CHA Horse Radio & Podcasts

The Certified Horsemanship Association Podcast is on:
Horses in the Morning – 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

Topics are based on training riders on how to have safe and effective communication with their horses. 

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CHA Radio Show / Podcast Archive:

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CHA Educational Horsemanship Videos

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