Certified Horsemanship Association Monthly Member Chat Webinar with CHA Instructor Dale Rudin – Function to Form: A Novel Look at Conformation

(December 2020) Join us for the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Monthly Member Chat Webinar on Function to Form: A Novel Look at Conformation on Wednesday, 12/16 at Noon Eastern Time for CHA members and then the recording will be available to everyone after.

Your horse’s conformation is a treasure trove of information that can give you valuable insight into your horse’s performance and well-being. Learn how to evaluate your horse’s conformation and what changes in your horse’s shape and structure can mean.

Dale Rudin is a welfare-centered horse trainer and CHA certified English and western riding instructor. Her passion is to help humans find joy with their horses. Her priority is to develop emotional balance and physical health in horses of all breeds and disciplines. She is a certified equine nutritionist, behavior specialist, and uses her background in biomechanics to help horses be the best they can. Dale’s experience with “problem” horses has made equine rehabilitation a big part of her life. She has recently created Pure Joy Horse Haven, an equine rescue and sanctuary that gives horses a chance at a better life or a forever home. Dale is a founding member of Force Free Tennessee, an animal advocacy organization. Her articles have been published in Horse Illustrated, HorseChannel.com, and WoofOnNashville. Dale offers training, instruction, and clinics at her farm in Santa Fe, Tennessee and surrounding areas as well comprehensive assessments, nutrition consulting, saddle fitting and online education. https://www.purejoyhorsemanship.com/

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