Certified Horsemanship Association Has a New Blog Posted About When Burn Out Steals the Joy from Working with Horses

(March 2022) – The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) has a new blog posted – “When Burn Out Steals the Joy from Working with Horses (Don’t Lose Your Love for the Lifestyle).”  Please see all past CHA blog articles on horsemanship, training, teaching riding and much more here – https://cha.horse/cha-blog/

This blog article is written by Jill Montgomery who is a CHA English and Western Riding Instructor, and a CHA Equine Facility Manager and Certifier. She is owner and CEO of JRAM Enterprises Inc. an equine consulting business that focuses on work to keep equine activities accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Jill@JRAMEnterprises.com

One of the interviews of this blog post is Tara Gamble who is a Past President of the Certified Horsemanship Association and of the Alberta Equestrian Federation, and has served on the Canadian Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors as Secretary, the Equestrian Canada Board of Directors, and was the past AQHA Director for B.C.  She is a current CHA Instructor Certifier, an AQHA Professional Horseman, and serves on the AQHA Youth Activities Committee.  Her education includes a BS in agriculture from the University of Alberta.

Lisa Lombardi is also featured. Lisa is a CHA Master Instructor, Site Evaluator, and Certifier. She is also PATH and Ceip-Ed certified, and has a BA in English with an emphasis on education. She is a Santa Rosa Junior College equine science instructor in addition to running her own lesson program with nine horses. Lisa has a wide range of teaching, riding, and competition experience, including reining, jumping, dressage and western dressage, trail riding and camping, adaptive riding instruction, drill team and color guard, and ranch riding.

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