Certified Horsemanship Association Has a New Blog Posted About Teaching the Older Rider

(August 2021) – The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) has a new blog posted – “Is an Older Client a Good Fit in Your Equine Program”. You can visit here to read it in full – https://cha.horse/is-an-older-client-a-good-fit-in-your-equine-program/  Please see all past CHA blog articles on horsemanship, training, teaching riding and much more here – https://cha.horse/cha-blog/

This blog article is written by Jill Montgomery who is a CHA English and Western Riding Instructor, and Equine Facility Manager and Certifier. She is owner and CEO of JRAM Enterprises Inc. an equine consulting business that focuses on work to keep equine activities accessible and enjoyable for everyone. FMI Jill@JRAMEnterprises.com

One of the contributors to the blog is Christy Landwehr is CHA’s CEO and holds most of the credentials available through the organization, especially relevant to this article is her CHA certification as a Master Level Riding Instructor. She has been teaching children and adults how to ride for over 30 years. Christy is an AQHA Professional Horseman, an APHA Professional Horseman and won the AYHC Distinguished Service of the Year Award. Christy sits on the Colorado State University Equine Advisory Council and teaches in the Communications Department part time at the Community College of Aurora. She is also on the Interscholastic Equestrian Association Board of Directors. Christy runs CJL Training where she teaches riding and does meditation and facilitation of meetings for the equine industry and others. FMI www.CJLTrainingInc.com

Ken Najorka is the other contributor and has been affiliated with CHA for many years, he owns Najorka Performance Horses in Fort White FL where he raises, trains, and sells reining horses. Ken was the coach for the University of Central FL equestrian team and now conducts horsemanship clinics across the southeast. He maintains a lesson program at his barn that serves to develop riders in Western Dressage, Ranch Horse, and Trail Riding disciplines. FMI contact najorkaperformancehorses@gmail.com

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