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Reasons to Become Certified Through CHA

Any instructor that wants to become a CHA Certified Instructor must be a member. Upon certification, additional benefits open up to the CHA member.

Why CHA Certification vs. Another

CHA is well respected. CHA has rigorous standards for instructor certification, which involves a certification clinic, etc.

Clients will know you knowledgeable in five areas you are tested on. These are: safety, horsemanship knowledge and ability, teaching techniques, group control, and responsibility and professionalism.

The organization will make sure you are certified at the correct level.

Committed professional who has paid money to keep certification active.

Hands on clinics and workshops available.

If you are an Individual Member that has also become Certified, then this can put any potential client’s concerns at ease since an organization has verified your skill level and knowledge of how to teach and your attentiveness to safety. CHA membership AND certification gives you an extra level of credibility as an equine professional.

If you are an Individual Member that has also become Certified, it can help you convince a potential client that is on the fence about which instructor to choose that you are the right one. In one of our earliest blog posts, we discussed why riders should find a certified riding instructor. If you are a certified riding instructor through CHA, you fit all of those reasons. If you have a potential student that is wondering why they should go with you, just break out this list of reasons, and going with you becomes a no-brainer.