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12 Benefits for Equine Businesses That Join the Certified Horsemanship Association

By Sarah Evers Conrad

Today is the second-part of our two part series on the benefits offered by the Certified Horsemanship Association to its members. Last time, we talked about the benefits of Individual Membership, which encompasses instructors; coaches; equine educational professionals; extension agents; trail guides; staff and managers at equine facilities, schools, and camps; etc. If you fit in that group, you can learn more if you read, “Why CHA’s Individual Membership is a Good Idea.”

Business/Program Members receive their own set of benefits. This membership group is for equine businesses or associations; stables, camps, and schools; as well as equine suppliers and producers. One important thing to know is that benefits are for the company as a whole or go to one designated representative of the company. If individual staff want certain benefits, they should look into the Individual Membership category.

The Top 12 Benefits to Business/Program Membership

  • Site Accreditation: The biggest benefit for Business/Program Members is that they are eligible to become Site Accredited. Just like Individual Members who are certified have added benefits as a result of their certification, Business/Program Members that have gotten their Site Accreditation receive added benefits. If you are a Business/Program Member that has become Site Accredited, it shows potential and current customers that you care about operating your business using set safety and quality standards set by CHA and explained in CHA’s Standards for Equestrian Programs Manual. Just like certification gives an individual added legitimacy, Site Accreditation gives added legitimacy to those facilities who go through the process. It is a great way to show that you care to meet industry standards and that you care about the welfare of your animals.
  • Promotion of Your Facility: One of the biggest benefits for Business/Program Members is listing in the online database on However, it is important to note that your business must be Site Accredited for listing. To continue the listing, Site Accreditation must be current and renewed every three years through written and photographic documentation. This online database includes Certified Individual Members as well and is marketed by CHA throughout the equine industry. This additional marketing acts as an added way to market your business.
  • Insurance Discounts: Discounts on liability insurance and personal excess liability insurance are another major benefit for Business/Program Members. Members will need to ask the insurance company for the discount, and if the insurance company has not heard of CHA, then CHA will provide the insurance company with a letter and a copy of CHA’s Standards for Equestrian Programs Manual. A facility has never been turned down (up to this point) for a discount, and the discount has always been at least 10%. In addition, facilities that are Site Accredited can get a deeper discount.
  • The Benefits of Individual Membership: Business/Program Members receive most of the benefits that Individual Members receive. For more details, see our last blog. However, to summarize, these benefits include subscriptions to magazines (CHA’s The Instructor, Stable Management, Trail Rider, and Equus), free educational materials provided by CHA, the ability to vote and participate on the board of directors and committees, access to CHA’s senior management to ask for technical support on their program or facility, discounts at tack shops with proof of membership, and networking opportunities with other CHA members at events and online in the private Facebook group.
  • Event Discounts: Business/Program Members receive discounts for their representatives that they send to CHA events, such as the annual CHA International Conference, regional conferences, and certification clinics, skills clinics, and workshops.
  • Certification Clinic Hosts: Business/Program Members are the only ones allowed to host CHA certification clinics and workshops. Those who wish to host an event must submit an application to CHA and be approved, but site accreditation is not required. Hosting a clinic or workshop can be a great way for a stable, school, or camp to have all of their staff become certified in the most economical way possible. In addition, if the clinic is opened to outside participants, it could be a way to offset the cost of running a clinic for their own staff or could provide added income from outside participant registration. Please note: CHA is not involved with the costs of running the clinic, but a contract must be entered into between the host facility and the CHA Clinic Staff who will certify participants. The registration fee is set by the facility and generally includes lodgings, meals, manuals, and certification fees.
  • Advertising: Business/Program Members are allowed to advertise in CHA’s monthly e-newsletter and receive a free classified ad once per year (up to 25 words). There are also extra marketing and advertising opportunities and discounts with CHA in their magazine, event programs, and online.
  • Job Postings: Business/Program Members are the only ones who can post FREE job postings online and discounted job postings in the monthly e-newsletter.
  • Listing On Both Websites: Business/Program Members can receive a link, a brief description of their business, and their logo on the CHA main website and under the navigation heading of “Find Equine Facilities” on the page “Equine Business and Association Links.”
  • Volume Discounts: Business/Program Members receive volume discounts on CHA merchandise, such as books and program materials.
  • Business Contacts: Since most of CHA’s membership is certified, and with CHA’s high certification and accreditation standards, you know you are part of a group of very knowledgeable horsemen and horsewomen and aligned with other businesses and associations who care about safety standards and welfare of the horse. CHA provides a great way to connect with each other for business and social purposes.
  • Tax Deduction: CHA Business/Program Membership and costs related to Site Accreditation, hosting a certification clinic, or attending CHA events for continuing education are tax-deductible business expenses.

Business/Program Membership is only $200 and those that are Site Accredited receive a $25 discount. Lifetime Business/Program Membership is $2,500. Membership runs by calendar year, so current Business/Program Members who wish to renew for 2015 should do so by January 1 so that their membership benefits are not interrupted. Those who want to be new members will receive the most value if they join by January 1 or as soon in the year as possible.

CHA is a very welcoming organization for all its members. CHA thanks every single member for your participation, ideas, and time. Each member is what makes CHA what it is today.

If your organization is a Business/Program Member, let us know in the comments below what the best benefit has been for your company or equine program and how long you have been a member.

Sarah Evers Conrad is currently the Digital Content Editor at Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. She also owns All In Stride Marketing. She is an award-winning equestrian journalist with a background in magazine publishing, feature writing, news and event coverage, editing, digital marketing, social media, and website management. Conrad has been published in equine publications such as The Horse, Blood-Horse, Equestrian, Arabian Horse Life, USDF Connection, the American Quarter Horse Journal, Paint Horse Journal, Off-Track Thoroughbred, Stable Management, Camp Business magazine, Lexington Family magazine, and and She is also the current editor for the Certified Horsemanship Association’s official publication, The Instructor magazine. Conrad has also edited several books, including CHA’s “The Equine Professional Manual—The Art of Teaching Riding.” Learn more at