Teach Conformation


Tack Room

I always like to ask my students to evaluate the conformation of the horse they are riding. It makes them think about the horse’s way of going (paces, straightness, and flexion) then we discuss how to improve. It teaches them to think for themselves and to understand and empathize with the horse a little more.

Jennifer Diggle

Sweaty Stinky Saddle Pads

Saddle pads are awkward to store and generally need airing out to diminish the sweaty horse smell that can get oh-so-pungent in the summer. Make a space in your tack room just like a hanging closet in a bedroom, with a hanging bar. The more pads you use, the longer the bar needs to be. Get plastic pant hangers, with the pinch-clamps and you can hang each pad so that it dries and airs out. You can store a huge number of pads in a relatively small space and best of all, you can retrieve any pad on the rack, just like you pick a shirt from your closet.

Julie Goodnight

Herd Management

Horse Lingo


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