Fire Safety & Wildlife Evacuation with Horses

The Certified Horsemanship Association compiled some common tips about wildfire evacuation with horses. By no means is this a comprehensive list, but a starting point to get you thinking ahead. When in doubt, evacuate early.

Things to Do Now

Use this time to do the following:

  • Practice loading and unloading your horses
  • Get your truck and trailer(s) serviced
  • Make sure you have enough halters, hay bags, water buckets, ID tags, etc.
  • Obtain current health records for all horses that will be riding on your trailers and store copies in trailer.
  • Consult with Fire Authority
  • When There is a Red Flag Warning

Use this as your cue to do the following:

  • Check air pressure in the tires in your truck and trailer.
  • Gas up your truck.
  • Check lights on truck and trailer
  • Check connections on truck & trailer
  • Prepare hay bags
  • Load clean water buckets, copies of health reports onto trailer
  • Add ID to halters and place halters and lead ropes onto stall doors.
  • Discuss plan of action, shifts, etc. with barn mates
  • Contact at least 2 barns you can evacuate to

Evacuation Warning/Voluntary Evacuations

  • Use this as your cue to do the following:
  • Load your horses
  • Call your evacuation destination
  • Evacuate to your evacuation destination
  • Send your advance team to the Evacuation destination to assist with unloading horses & getting them situated.