Fire Safety & Wildlife Evacuation with Horses

The Certified Horsemanship Association compiled some common tips about wildfire evacuation with horses. By no means is this a comprehensive list, but a starting point to get you thinking ahead. When in doubt, evacuate early.

Things to Do Now

Use this time to do the following:

Practice loading and unloading your horses

Get your truck and trailer(s) serviced

Make sure you have enough halters, hay bags, water buckets, ID tags, etc.

Obtain current health records for all horses that will be riding on your trailers and store copies in trailer.

Consult with Fire Authority

When There is a Red Flag Warning

Use this as your cue to do the following:

Check air pressure in the tires in your truck and trailer.

Gas up your truck.

Check lights on truck and trailer

Check connections on truck & trailer

Prepare hay bags

Load clean water buckets, copies of health reports onto trailer

Add ID to halters and place halters and lead ropes onto stall doors.

Discuss plan of action, shifts, etc. with barnmates

Contact at least 2 barns you can evacuate to

Evacuation Warning/Voluntary Evacuations

Use this as your cue to do the following:

Load your horses

Call your evacuation destination

Evacuate to your evacuation destination

Send your advance team to the Evacuation destination to assist with unloading horses & getting them situated.

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