Drill Team Maneuvers


Tack Room

Lessons getting stale? Tired of traveling in the same circles? Try doing mounted drill team work with your riders! You can do drill team maneuvers with two riders or more. It develops rating skills in your riders and helps them learn the true meaning of teamwork. For extra enthusiasm, let the riders pick the music and choreograph the pattern. There are numerous maneuvers you can make with drill team riders, from basic school figures to fancy wheels and pass-throughs. Drill team patterns can be done for all levels of riders and may be done at the walk, trot or canter. We recommend starting at the walk and reserving canter movements for only the most advanced riders.

Kathy Reimer,
BC Canada

CHA Asst. Clinic Instructor

Rainbow reins, the multi-colored rubber reins made popular by pony club, are helpful teaching tools for young riders because the instructor can easily tell the student what amount of contact she should have by saying, “Put your hands on green.” But rainbow reins can be expensive so we just use colored electrical tape to mark our reins for the same effect!

Amy Habak,
Wheeling, WV

CHA Asst. Clinic Instructor

Herd Management

Horse Lingo

Never a farrier around when you need one? Try scheduling your farrier to come once a week, rain or shine, during your busy season and keep the herd on a rotating schedule. Not only will this make things easier for you, but also if you have problems in-between shoeings, you can get the horse fixed up and back in service quickly.

Holly Fox,
Davis, CA

CHA Asst. Clinic Instructor

Fishing and horses are two sports that just don’t mix all that well. And while horses are known to have a condition called FOUNDER, that is not to be confused with a tasty, but funny looking fish known as a FLOUNDER! Founder is a layman’s term for the serious and sometimes life-threatening disease technically known as LAMINITIS. Laminitis can be caused by many things known and unknown, such as over-eating grain, excessive weight, excessive stress, etc., and manifests in a an inflammation of the laminae of the hoof. The laminae are the highly vascular connective tissue between the inner structure of the hoof and the hoof wall. Since this is a closed space, inflammation and swelling causes severe pain and distress for the horse. A foundered horse needs immediate medical attention and the rehabilitation will be a joint effort between a skilled farrier and your vet.

Joanne Young,
Houghton, NY

CHA Clinic Instructor