Certified Horsemanship Association September Webinar on Disaster Preparedness for Your Barn

(September 2020) – Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) is hosting a webinar on Equines and Disaster Planning on Wednesday, September 30th and you can also watch and listen to the recording afterwards.  To register today for the live webinar or the recording, please visit https://cha.horse/shop-webinars/

Jim Boller is with Code 3 Associates, Inc. and has been in the forefront of animal welfare and disaster response for more than 30 years. Jim is a full time instructor and disaster responder with Code 3 providing extensive training throughout the US to animal welfare professionals and those involved in animal emergency response.

Surveys indicate that only about 10-12% of animal facilities have written disaster plans.  Disaster planning has been shown to minimize the overall affects that can impact a facility shortening the recovery time for a facility when others may continue to struggle.  This discussion will cover some of those areas in the mitigation and preparedness stages of disaster planning that are overlooked and aid in reducing the effects of a devastating event.  Please join us as Jim shares some of his incite of over 30 years of responding to assist animals and their owners during natural and manmade disasters.

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