Certified Horsemanship Association Offers Educational Webinars for Equine Professionals and Enthusiasts

(January 2021) The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) offers a variety of resources for horse professionals and enthusiasts alike to learn more about horsemanship. One of CHA’s most popular educational resources are the professional webinars, which are offered live and also in recorded format. Anyone interested in a past webinar topic can purchase a downloadable file at https://cha.horse/education/#cha-webinars. In addition to gaining more horsemanship knowledge, these webinars can also serve as continuing education credit hours for those that need them in the equine industry.  Business owners can use CHA webinars as educational training for staff.

These are just some of the many horsemanship webinars available on www.CHA.horse:

  • Caring for the Senior Working Horse with Megan Bryant Purina Mills
  • Equine and Disaster Planning with Jim Boller
  • Equine Educational Opportunities at Colleges/Universities with Dr. Bob Coleman and Amanda Love
  • Equine Assisted Learning and Working with At-Risk Youth in a Riding Program with Bonnie Riley
  • Exercises, Patterns and Drills for Riding at All Levels with Julie Goodnight
  • Insurance for the Private Horse Owner and the Equine Professional with Diane Lesher Equisure
  • Form to Function: A Novel Look at Conformation with Dale Rudin
  • Horse Trauma and PTSD with Nina Ekholm Fry University of Denver
  • Marketing That Works with Jordan Manfredi
  • Nine Things the IRS Looks for in Your Horse Business with Victoria Long, CPA
  • Questions and Answers with Dr. Temple Grandin
  • Risk Management: What You Need to Know About Liability, Contracts, and Releases with attorney Julie Fershtman
  • Social Media and Marketing Tactics with Suzi Carragher
  • Teaching Techniques for Riding Instructors with Christy Landwehr
  • Test Before You Treat – The Right Way to Deworm your Horse with Tim Davis
  • Yoga for Every Equestrian with Gabrielle Diakon

To be on a CHA webinar live and to keep up with new monthly webinars and other resources and information provided by CHA, please subscribe for CHA’s free monthly educational email newsletter at the bottom of the CHA website home page at www.CHA.horse

CHA Equine Professionals Change Lives Through Safe Experiences with Horses. The purpose of CHA is to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the horse industry. CHA certifies instructors and trail guides, accredits equestrian facilities, publishes educational manuals, has an educational horsemanship streaming video channel, and hosts regional and international conferences. For more information on the largest certifying body of riding instructors and barn managers in North America, Certified Horsemanship Association, please visit www.CHA.horse or call 859-259-3399.  To find a certified equine professional or accredited equine facility near you, visit www.CHA.horse