Pet Peeves

Grab Hands

“Grab Hands” It drives me crazy to see people lead a horse by holding onto the halter, instead of using a lead rope. This action is both dangerous and poor horsemanship. Wrapping your fingers around a halter can very quickly and easily turn into a dislocated shoulder, by the horse throwing his head or spooking. …

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Who’s in Charge Anyway?

“Who’s in Charge Anyway?” Julie Goodnight, Master Instructor and Clinician, Poncha Springs, CO Many people mount up on their horse and no sooner is their seat in the saddle and their foot in the stirrup than the horse just walks off, with no cue from the rider. In short order, the horse, which is by …

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No Rubbing

No Rubbing It can be dangerous and annoying when people do not teach their horse to respect the handlers’ space. Do not let a horse rub their head on you after removing their bridle. You can give them a rub on your terms, but allowing them to rub on you shows a lack of respect. …

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