Jo-Anne Young: Connecting Your Seat to the Horses Feet

JoAnne has been teaching riding and training horses for over 54 years and is happy that she is still learning. She has studied with such wonderful instructors as Walter Zettl (dressage coach to Canadian event team when they won Bronze at the Los Angeles Olympics), Bertin Potter in Germany, Molly Sivewright (FEI judge and past chair of the Fellows of the British Horse Society), Carel Eijkenaar (FEI judge), Eddo Hoestra (FEI trainer) and Doris Halstead (physical therapist and author of “Releasing the Potential: Physical Therapy Modalities for Horse and Rider”). JoAnne is the author of the M.A. thesis, “Preparing students for riding instructor certification through college curricula.”

Connecting Your Seat to the Horse’s Feet

2018 Sunday at 1:30 p.m.; Bill Pickett Arena

Learn how to teach riders how to feel for the right moment and the right place to apply their aids to properly influence the desired leg and hoof of the horse. Transitions, lengthening and shortening stride, correct bend, and lateral work all improve as the rider learns to connect his/her seat to the horse’s feet!

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