Jochen Schleese: The 8 Myths of Saddle Fit

This session will explain problems in saddle construction today due to outside market changes and the 8 different types of saddle fit prevalent in the market today with pros and cons for each one.

Jochen Schleese received his initial training in saddle making in Germany. In 1984 he was certified as the youngest master saddler ever in Europe, and was asked to come to North America from Germany in 1986 to be the Official Saddler for the World Dressage Championships held in Toronto. In 1990 together with the Canadian government, Schleese developed the first ever authorized school for saddle makers and saddle fitters. Jochen confers regularly with industry professionals and is a guest speaker at veterinary associations, equine veterinary schools, riding instructor conferences, and teaches equine ergonomics on five continents through Saddlefit 4 Life, founded by him in 2006 as a global network of equine professionals dedicated to the comfort and protection of the horse. Saddle Fit for Life is also a CHA LifeTime Business Member.