Job Details

Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Swiftsure Ranch – Bellevue, ID , USA

Job Description:

Therapeutic Riding Instructor


Reports to:         Program Manager

Category:            Hourly   (Full-Time 40 hours week, year-round)


Pay Grade:           $19.00 per hour to start

Benefits:              Full-Time Instructors eligible for vacation and health care stipend


Position Summary: 

The Therapeutic Riding Instructor (TRI) develops and facilitates riding lessons for individuals or groups based on the rider’s specific need.  TRI will have the responsibility to ensure the lessons are conducted in a safe, professional manner and will follow the appropriate skill progression process for each rider. 



  • Expected to teach up to 6 hours of therapeutic riding lessons per day
  • Research and understand disabilities of each rider that he/she is teaching
  • Communicate with rider, guardian or involved therapists to ensure needs are being met
  • Develop specific lesson plans for each rider which include goals, plans to reach goals, and on-going assessment of goals
  • Conduct riding lessons that encourage independent riding through skill progression, strength building and building self-confidence while considering the physical, mental, and cognitive abilities of the rider
  • Provide detailed record of rider requirements/needs, plans/goals and progress notes as required to ensure continuity of riding lessons and goal accomplishments
  • Work with assigned volunteers in a professional and appropriate manner and encourage the highest level of support from the volunteer.
  • Assist with volunteer training as needed
  • Assist with special programs as needed
  • School horses as delegated and instructed by the Equine Manager (EM)
  • Mentor other instructors as delegated by the Lead Instructor (LI)
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Excellent horsemanship skills and the ability to articulate riding skills to riders
  • Have ability to understand a multitude of disabilities and the ability to research best practices for teaching to the rider’s specific needs
  • Understand safety issues/cautions when working with horses
  • Be a positive model of Swiftsure Ranch mission
  • Treat all individuals encountered at Swiftsure Ranch with dignity, respect, professionalism, and                  empathy (riders, volunteers, guests, other employees, etc.).
  • Ability to identify solution to problems with the whole picture in mind
  • Be an excellent listener and communicator, understanding that there are multiple ways to communicate and be able to modify teaching strategies to match each individual rider and their learning style
  • Be a positive leader and change agent, always looking for new ideas and teaching tools
  • Team player who is willing to cooperate and collaborate with coworkers and volunteers
  • Be able to organize and multi-task
  • Ability to plan and organize multiple lessons each day


Physical Requirement

Ability to physically handle horses and the required equipment

Ability to lift no less than 50 pounds

Ability to handle safety issues as they arise

Ability to be on feet and walk at least six hours a day

Ability to work in cold and hot environments

Ability to work in a dusty environment


Preferred Experience and Education:

PATH Int’l Registered Instructor – If not certified, work toward certification within one year of employment

Encouraged to strive for Path Int’l Advanced Certification

Maintain First Aid/CPR (become certified as soon as possible after hire)


Contact Information

Jennifer Comstock
114 Calypso Lane
Bellevue, ID 83313, USA
Phone: 208-578-9111
Fax: NA

Certified Horsemanship Association

1795 Alysheba Way, Suite 7102
Lexington, KY 40509